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Training Services

Our expertise in the field of Pharma Buisness Support has made us meet and network with experts from all over the world in many aspects of the health , Life Sciences , Pharmacoeconomics, Medical affairs and Clinical Research fields.
This allows us to offer programmes that ensure a continuious training in the public and the private sector: regional managers , buisness developpement managers , colleagues from local pharmaceutical companies, investigators of clinical trials or any person seeking to acquire or enrich their knowledge in the very vast field of pharma , health and biotech.

These programs are constantly updated according to the regulatory and industry updates, pertaining to all the aspects of drug/device/product life cycle.
The following aspects are covered on a regularily basis or on specific demand , other tailored trainings for your specific needs can be proposed:

  • International regulation of clinical development: Guideline ICH / GCP, the Declaration of Helsinki.

  • Updated Regulation of clinical trials in MENA region and emerging markets.

  • Updated Operational aspects of a clinical studies.

  • Updated Operational aspects of a clinical studies.

  • Start-up phases of clinical studies.

  • Critical analysis/lecture of a research protocol.

  • Elaboration of monitoring plan for medical devices and drugs.

  • Risk-based monitoring in clinical trials, Audit / Source Data Verification.

  • Management of investigational medicinal products within local regulatory frameworks.

  • Aspects of Adverse Events Reporting ; Pharmacovigilance , Cosm√©tovigilance and Materiovigilance.

  • Aspects of data managements and statistical analysis of data of in clinical trials.

  • Introductory course to Pharmacoeconomics for health industry.

  • Introductory course for clinical trials aspects in Biosimilar developpement.

  • Cold chain management in biotechnology derived products .

  • Project Management in Clinical Research.

  • Digital Health and Pharma eBuisness principles .