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Market Access

We assist our customers with the know how needed to optimize the price and market access for your product:

  • Evaluate market access drivers, barriers and price potential for products in pipeline and develop recommendation for strategies and actions to undertake.

  • Define pricing and reimbursement strategy for launch based on analysis of environment, external and internal price referencing in our geographical area of coverage.

  • Develop positioning and value proposition.

  • Development of market scenarios and business cases.

  • Recommendations on clinical trial designs that meet expectation of both payers and regulatory bodies.

Health Economics

To secure reimbursement or support price negotiations, it is essential to demonstrate that the product represents efficient use of available funding.
We help you throughout the product lifecycle to perform:

  • Cost of illness studies.

  • Cost effectiveness and budget impact modeling.

  • Cost effectiveness analysis alongside clinical trials.

  • Local model adaptations and reimbursement submissions.

  • Economic Analysis of Illness and Financial Impact Analysis.

Outcomes research

Once the efficacy and safety of a new health care intervention has been proven in clinical trials, the key question for decision-makers is what benefits this intervention will effectively provide to patients in real-world conditions.
We can help you determine the value of your drug or device in real world :

  • Patient’s surveys.

  • Medication adherence (compliance) studies.

  • Qualitative research (patients interviews, focus groups).

  • Epidemiological and observational studies.

  • Patient preference studies, including Conjoint/Discrete Choice Experiments.

  • Analyses of administrative databases or electronic medical records databases.