Medical Affairs Consultancy & Advisory Boards Management

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Medical Affairs

The lack of clear regulatory requirements for a medical affairs department, combined with the evolving state of the life science industry, has led to a number of issues for medical device and pharmaceutical companies to consider when and where establishing and maintaining a medical affairs department.
The role of our medical affairs specialists is to ensure building adapted capacities and meeting local and corporate requirements in a the era of globalized entities , to assist your company operations in your emerging markets within our expanding coverage zone.
Our staff closely interacts with physicians and other healthcare professionals whom are involved in research or already use your products , handling various thematics such as : research grants issues , medical communication , off label usage , publications , safety informations and providing/assisting in an independent targetted medical education.

The KOL management using services of Advisory Boards

It is now accepted that becoming a drug depends closely on efforts deployed by its holder to educate prescribers on the various problems encountered in several contexts: coverage insurance by CNAM, comparability with competitors of the same class and keeping them informed along with considering their advice about current and future patterns of innovation for clinical development.
The thematic advisory boards that can be tools of conflict resolution, retention, and exploratory marketing methods allow a collection and a relevant exchange with KOLs.
Our team reflects on the problem with the Product Manager / Medical Manager client and ensures the organisation and logistics tracking (invitation, local, writing PV of the advisory board, translation if required).