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Our credo is to be an organisation where the following words stand at the full of their meanings :
Multicultural , Ethical , Objective oriented , Innovative , Commited to excellence ,
Respecting the individual , Encouraging research talents.

We have gathered through the years of conducting with extreme integrity multicountry projects a strong asset :
our unique scheme of implementing in each region a strong local network and to escalate clear , realistic and mesurable buisness opportunities to our clients among Pharma&Biotech organisations and other collaborating CROs.
For identified and approved projects in fields of Clinical research , health Market research , Market access , pharmacoeconomics, Pharmacovigilance, and Medical affairs , we get the work done following mastered technologies and most recent industry guidelines
From feasability of a phase II clinical trial , or a product launch to market mature product and post marketing studies , Poseidon CRO will efficiently assist you through your concept journey or product "life span" ; depending on your needs , several steps , or all the way long.


In our organisation quality is not just document management .
We put in place a training system for our employees and collaborators in order they get useful knowledge on how they actively participatie to our quality stearing comitee , to adhere and contribute to the objective of building our corporate quality culture.
Rapidly expanding in emerging markets, and accompagniying entities from different horizons , our organisation implements a strong awarness among partners and collaborators for integrating most recent guidances in all aspects of buisness.


In this fastly changing world , we do adjust to the environement , but maintain the same level of quality requisits every where we operate.
Our core of buisness is to listen continuosly to our customers need , and reflect in our way of doing things our commitment to respect their expectations.
Our Customer Relationship management is intended to prioterize issues handling , and efficently respond to any change implementation.


Supported Our motivated and extensive network of experts in each field of our intervention express their willingness to fulfill our contractual commitments in two simple words :
We understand
We deliver.

Our Partners