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Market research is a successful tool to gain visibility on the positioning of a product on the market in comparison with the drugs of the same range. The comparison comprehends three aims: how it is integrated among physicians, and users; know its therapeutic intentions; verify the effectiveness of the activity of medical examination and measure the success of the product’s route of communication in product marketing.
For this purpose, different techniques are used:

1 -Qualitative studies

We provide bespoke solutions for your discussion groups including , hosting , viewing , moderating , recording , simultaneous translation, transcription in your language , in all our countries of coverage , by standardizing work procedures through our staff and partners. We do prefer have several preparatory meetings to address the issue with stakeholders.
The same methodology applies for inDepth Interviews with Doctors, Nurses, Patient Educators, Surgeons, Oncologists ,Payers,Patients and all intervenients in the study rationale. We perform on demand a "data mining" which is prepared using “evocation” and analysis of content software , measuring recurrence , word linkage , meaningful semantic groups analysis , giving a valuable insight .

2 -Quantitative studies

This type of studies measures with developed scales, in which the questionnaire is structured, open or closed responses of measurable events. These questionnaires are generally administered in during an interview at the doctor's office (F2F interview , pen&paper or online); by phone (CATI); through Internet e- mailing, or on a web interface dedicated to this effect.
We master adequate screening and recruitement procedures and we are committed to update our databases containing details of general practitioners and specialists throughout our countries of coverage.
We have unique "Live Panels" doctors that are flexible to any project or study specifications .
We learned having always a backup for meeting clients requirements.
We also ensure data management , storage and analysis with statistical analysis softwares such as R , Statistica and SPSS20 and further versions , as well as compliant archiving.

The market research report is structured as follows:

  • Introduction of the problem

  • Description of the settings

  • Methodology employed (technique, material of investigation, timing etc ....) recommendations

  • Statement of Results

  • Comparison with previous studies

  • Conclusion and recommendations

Our References

Sample of projects we worked on :

  • Study on the intentions of the prescription of new macrolides antibiotics

  • Study on the intentions of prescription of the new antiepileptics in neuropathic pain.

  • Reputation of gastro-enterologists and their communication skills.

  • Market research study of type II diabetes and market perception of GLP1 analogues.

  • Study of perception of new associations in the treatment of high blood pressure.

  • Image Assessment of antibiotics in the North African markets.

  • Prevalence of nonradiographic Spondyloarthritis in 8 emerging markets countries.

  • Market Analysis for the purchasing of oral antidiabetics.

  • Study of innovation for pharmacists: identify the expectations of pharmacists in terms of innovation.

  • Penetration of digital tools in North African region.

  • Unmet needs of healthcare providers and patients in blood glucose monitoring .

  • Market analysis of antiepileptic drugs and unmet needs of prescribing physicians.

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