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In an interventional or observational approach , wether your product is in clinical trial or already in market , ePRO/eDIARIES and IVRS capabilities came enrich our wealth of methods to permit better understanding of outcomes in medical practice and research.
All through your project lifecycle , we are here to achieve excellence , from feasability and usability of devices to putting in place a 24/7 Helpdesk in local language, to permit achieving high quality results for your study using the new technologies.
We design the framework and identify the "when,where,whom,how and why " of all the interventions for your ePRO/eDIARIES project and ensure proper training to the users among health providers and patients .
We envolve early the data management specialists in the curse of the project in order to have the proper structure of a fluid database for your valuable collected data , ready to be analysed .